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TITLE began as an annual student magazine and remains fully devoted to empowering and utilizing creative minds. Our staff is primarily based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Now, we have the Creative Space as our digital platform, with an annual zine release in the Spring. (Issue 006 preorder is live now!)


Our team is engaging and intuitive. We explore what inspires us to create compelling imagery and narratives that connect with our growing community. 


We question our relationship with media, the everyday objects that make up our lives, and how we perceive high fashion and its accessibility to all... not just the influencer elite. We also just like making cool sh*t with our friends.


EST. 2016, TITLE was the brain child of Leah Pentecost as the first University of Cincinnati affiliated fashion publication. We are now in 2021 and not affiliated with UC, with our leadership team led by our current Editor-in-Chief, Braden DeVine, and Creative Director, Meesh Strauss.

In 2020, we re-branded and overhauled the whole d*mn thing. It led to the transition of TITLE Magazine's print publication to function more as a creative collective. 

TITLE emphasizes the importance of multimedia collaboration amongst both members and non-members, with the hope to evolve as both an inclusive and environmentally conscious publication (that publishes work with intention.)

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