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by Harvest Riddle


Walk woman.

Walk away with pride and
Wander to where you’re meant to be.
His demons are yours no more.
They won’t hurt you,
Scratch your insides like
Nails on a chalkboard.
Scratching every day.
A record skipping sunday sadness
Into your soul.

Walk woman.
Walk away from the tears.

Tears turned to ice, then stone, then ash-
Ash that you will rise from.

Learn your lessons and
Dust the dirt off of your heavy heart.
No longer will you be ground into
The dirt of a toxic human
Camouflaged as forever.
Convinced of worship.

Walk woman.
Walk into the light
Of your own ethereal being,
You thought you had lost
(Shrouded by the smoke of an incubus).
Don’t hold your breath.
You can fly away now,

To kiss the moon-
The light in the darkness.

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