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by Emma Sulfsted


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"My work reflects upon the consuming, ever-present connection of the woman to the natural world around and within her. This body of work experiences both quiet flashes of human fragility, a highlight of the self, as well as an equally noticed presence of power, force, immersivity, as like the world around us. The work begins to scratch at the differences between man and nature, a paradox to the idea that humankind is an interdependent part of nature...


This work was able to be created through use of the set created by DAAP students: The Temple Named Invasive at the Cincinnati Art Museum's presentation of No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man. This art lent itself to the creation of further artwork in this portfolio. Photographic influence is paramount and I endlessly stand on the shoulders of greats before, (Ryan McGinley, Carrie Mae Weems, Gregory Crewdson, Brendan George Ko), as I seek to further my own visual vocabulary through manipulation and blur techniques so as to create elements of atmosphere and space in this work. It aims to create a visual for an endless connectivity between the self and many other pieces of nature."



Location is the Cincinnati Art Museum. Exhibit: No Spectators: The Art of the Burning Man, photographs taken inside piece titled The Temple Named Invasive. Photographs are original artwork by Emma Sulfsted. 


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