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Cottagecore? Yeah kinda, but this is Isabella's version...


Beepy Bella has been gracing the explore pages of many in recent months and has gained major traction amongst cool kid celebs and influencers like Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Sai (aka @blackspicegurl) and Lil Miquela. We had the chance of having a little digital chat with the creator of Beepy Bella and the brains of the whole operation, Isabella Lalonde. Her fantastic jewelry pieces using vintage pendants and ephemeral gems makes us believe that fairies are not only real, but that we can be them. In a time when cottagecore fantasies rule internet aesthetics, Isabella gives us a fresh approach that we actually want to be apart of. 

Images of Isabella from her Instagram

Beepy Bella's billboards in NY Times Square

What inspired you to start this line?

Freedom of imagination and performance video art. My background is in fine arts, and I've always loved fashion. I initially gravitated towards jewelry as a way to incorporate wearable art into the characters I created for my performance pieces. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Any particular films, literature, music?

Sci Fi movies inspire me. I love old school animations, like Fantastic Planet. Any film that involves an aesthetic which is handmade (like the dark crystal) or bad-good special effects always gets me. I also look at old children's tv shows for the set designs.


What was the catalyst for your jewelry design journey?

I always say that being an artist is my superpower as a brand. Everything I make is very much part of my current art practice, which allows me to be experimental and challenge the boundaries of jewelry in a way that traditional designers might not be inclined to. 


Is it just you (Isabella) running the show or do you have a team working with you?

It's just me... which is nuts. But I work with a lot of different artists to create fun projects to keep things fresh and exciting. My sister creates all the sounds for my videos. Honestly, I love working alone at the moment. It's a really special time for me to be able to deep dive into my creative mindset in a profound, undistracted way. However, I'm thinking about hiring an assistant soon.

@hannahwoldetsadik_ collaged.

original photos by @jean.toir

@trashkittyart draws a lovely frog wearing

the Beepy Bella triple strand necklace

Were you expecting Beepy Bella to grow as large as it has as quickly as it has?
Do you foresee continued growth into 2021?

I definitely see myself growing. I've never worked harder in my life, and I truly believe that energy will pay off in the long run. My brand popped off this summer and I am so grateful for it. I now get to work full time for myself, which is something I've wanted to do since I was young.


Where do you source your materials for your products?

I love vintage pendants and charms. There's something special about giving new life to an object that was overlooked. I like making undesirable things desirable again. It's a magical transformation that makes me feel like a wizard.


On your website, you have an area where your customers can create pieces, where you inspired by platforms like Polyvore and early 2000s computer games for the layout?

Exactly that. I had a Stardoll account when I was growing up and my favorite part was getting to create outfits for my avatar. A while back, my parents also got me this super cool fashion design game one holiday season. I had to hook it up to the TV and it came with a special pink remote. I like connecting my current self with my younger memories because I think there's value in how one sees the world when they are new to it.

Do you work collaboratively with Bella Hadid to develop pieces? What is her involvement with your brand? I see her frequently on your page so I am really curious!

She's an absolute angel! I've always loved her style so it's super cool to see how she pairs my jewelry with outfits.


How would you say your experiences as a young creative have impacted your style moving through the fashion industry? Has COVID-19 impacted your creative flow?

I was introduced to the fashion industry when I was young, and because of that I have a long list of frustrations with how it's set up. Beepy Bella became a way for me to channel that angst and make the changes I wish I could see in the industry. That's why I don't have "seasons" and I just make as I please, rather than overproducing for the sake of making quick money.


Covid is a strange time. Though it's been challenging in some ways, I found it extremely creatively fulfilling. 


Has becoming primarily digital actually aided in the growth of your brand?

My brand has always been digital (i.e. not having a storefront), so it wasn't that big of a change. It definitely allowed me to have a smoother transition into quarantine than other brands who depend on in-person retail.

@am.i.punk.yet wearing Beepy Bella  jewels

@coreywalkers in a Beepy Bella the Fall 2020 campaign

Would you say Beepy Bella is the culmination of all of your ideas and creative spirit?

Honestly, yes. It's my soul and subconsciousness. I'm constantly trying to differentiate my personal self from my brand, but it's tough because I do feel like it's a really big part of my inner being. Personally, I've evolved with my brand and it's made me stronger overall. That is why I am so happy I can do it full time, I can finally breathe and just be myself. 

We appreciate Isabella taking the time to answer all of our questions!

Check out her super fresh jewelry online (we recommend on a desktop computer):

Follow along on Instagram: @isabellalalonde @beepybella

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