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by Kari Trail



Kari Trail is a sixteen year old film enthusiast who finds photography as a coping mechanism as well as a way to express emotions. She uses 35 mm film. She’s in the midst of making her own magazine called Verses, which you can find more info about on Instagram @versusmag.


The title of this photo contemplation is “This Doesn’t Exist." The photos are meant to depict the ideal world, one where nature overruns man-made structures and art is celebrated, not overlooked. The reason behind the name is we don’t live in a world where this always exists. Kari's hope with the photo series is to show that maybe a beautiful future can exist everywhere; we just have to find the initiative to let it grow & flourish. 


karli film 1.jpeg
karli film 2.jpeg
karli film 3.jpeg
karli film 4.jpeg
karlie film 5.jpeg
karlie film 7.jpeg
karlie film 8.jpeg
karlie film 9.jpeg
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