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Videographer + Director


"I started getting into videography and cinematography less than 3 years ago by using my phone out of boredom, I decided to capture a friend of mine (Romain) at his shoots. The next thing I knew, I was doing it for every shoot and decided to make montages off of them. As time progressed, it became popular and I started to enjoy it more. I grinded and learned from wherever I could; Youtube, google, or just shooting everyday till I got to where I am now."

How to Submit:

"This was one of my most favorite yet concerning shoots. I really didn't know the outcome or the future of this shoot since it only took an hour or two. I decided to experiment in order to have a more cinematic look than my usual style. Since I had a tall and stunning model with limited time before sunset (an hour about) I decided to tackle a more story telling shot of a woman walking towards one of her enjoyments by herself. The goal was to show elegance, confidence, but most of all, independence."

"Most of the inspo. and location are chosen by Romain. I just add in my feedback, locations, clientele, and ideas.


I'm more of an optimistic and open minded creator so all my ideas are random and happen during the moment. I like to think on my feet when given a task and create something with limited information. It's never the goal but it tends to happen often so I've learned to turn that into a natural skill. With the help of Romain, I have met many interesting and amazing individuals so I thank him for where I am now.


When it comes to videography, most people do not think about wanting videos. This could be a lack of exposure to video work or it not being "trendy" enough. There's nothing wrong with that form of thinking and most people don't need video work because photography is much more popular nowadays. It's easier to share your talent, lifestyle, and look using pictures but it limits the story behind it.

People usually ask for the location, outfit, or how the creator captured the scene and that's when BTS becomes important. It plays the role of showing the "behind the scenes" on how it's done. Weddings, concerts, fashion shows and parties are not the same without videos. Pictures alone can do so much, videos alone can do so much but with both, you capture memories in two ways. One being your favorite moment in a single shot. Another being how that moment led to be."

"I recently got into longboarding and made friends from it which then led me to create a small movie about skating. I know everyone can do it but are discouraged by the idea of falling or the idea of not being able to learn how to. I asked a few strangers and friends to join in in order to create this "influential call" to longboarding and showing its more positive sides." 

"This was by far the most bizzare day for me. During the shoot, I left my camera bag close by with very important items inside. As mistakes happen, this was one of those dreadful days where I forgot to pick up once more during a change in location. It took a total of 9 minutes of realization that I didn't have my camera bag and for the thief, stranger, and or bystander to take it from me. When I returned, it was gone and I didn't want to uphold the shoot any further, so I continued shooting with the model (Kale) and Romain (Photographer) and placed all my focus on completing the shoot. As a result, this shoot was the most favored on my instagram but it held a sad story."

"Romain had a shoot request from a friend/client who wanted pictures and videos. I tagged along which resulted in different styles of pictures and videos. The model (Lilly) really brought out the outfit and emotions and I captured what I could. The first shot reminded me of a more classic look but a hint of romance so I decided to shoot at a lower frame rate to capture smaller details. Her expression, movements and clothes became captivating and I had to sacrifice more of the ideas I had because the first few shots were great."

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