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Paige Leneigh

Interview conducted by Meesh Strauss


This interview was originally taken on July 17, 2020.


For those of you who don't know the name Paige Leneigh, commit it to memory now. As a rising Tiktok star who is known for her up-cycling tutorials, entering the Alexander Wang white t-shirt redesign contest, and turning her dad's bag of donations into chic streetwear, Paige has begun to truly develop her brand. 


When the international COVID-19 pandemic first hit, Paige was dreading being home. However, the thought quickly popped into her head, “We have all this time...why not make the most of it!”

The summer of 2020 for the DAAP graduating class of 2022 was meant to be a co-op term. Because of the pandemic, many students were unable to work a co-op, including Paige. Because her co-op term ended before it even started, Paige pursued an EEP (Experiential Explorations Program). She took the time to think about how she wants to work as an entrepreneur post-grad and what her brand will look like. She examined the trend of up-cycling and meshed it with her own style. Upon the creation of her own e-commerce website, Paige sold out of her first drop all within the short summer term. Feeling the designer's responsibility to take accountability for the overall waste that is generated within the fashion industry, her pieces are all created from already existing garments. On top of her up-cycled streetwear and bikinis, Paige also designs custom lingerie. ​


For her brand Leneighz, Paige has acted as a one woman show. Within months, she has become the photographer, model, videographer, seamstress, and website manager. Her sister and mother have also become participants in the brand by modeling her clothing, allowing her to maintain proper social distancing from models outside of her family unit. Additionally, she has used her platform to sell wristbands, which had a primary portion of the proceeds going toward BLM causes. Despite the unexpected challenges thrown her way, Paige continues to rise to the occasion in her brand, designs, and influence, and doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon!

To continue to explore Paige's brand, check out Leneighz on Instagram

And seeing as Tiktok is still online... check out her page @paigeleneigh

For incredible tutorials and to see how Paige works, check out her YouTube Channel:

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"The biggest thing I have learned during quarantine is to be myself...continue to create your content in a time that is hard..."

— Paige Robinson

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Next Leneighz Drop 10/25/2020 

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