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A photo series by Adil Akhtar


Adil Akhtar (b. Cincinnati) is a working analog and digital photographer.

His interests include skateboarding, editorial, fashion, and documentary photography.

His photographs tell stories without words, revealing a glimpse into the intimate world of his subjects.

Adil is willing to travel anywhere to tell new stories.  

Check out his wonderful collaboration with a fellow Cincinnati based artist, Kenzie Cave.  


(Written by Kenzie Cave) @cavegrll @sabrtoof

Kenzie Cave (alias cavegrll) is a Cincinnati based artist. A self-proclaimed daydreaming visionary, she has had
a calling to art since she was a little girl. She isn’t fixed to one style of self expression ie dancing, painting, printing, clay-working, and DIY fashion. Currently, cavegrll is working on multiple small projects. She is inspired by the multi layering of vintage romance comics from the 60-80’s, and pop art style coloring. Thick lines and contrasting are her favorite shticks. Her identity as a woman is often motive behind her pieces. Her Icons are often center stage in her art, like Dolly Parton or the iconic female skaters of the 20th century. Her advice to all the girls who are still figuring out who they are? “Follow any urge in the name of artistic exploration”.


Thank you Adil Akhtar for sending in your Creative Space submission.

To see more of their work visit their profile on Instagram @akhtar_adil

Check our their online portfolio here: 

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